Audi Advanced Apprenticeship
benefits for you.

As well as four years of dedicated Audi training alongside your standard auto apprenticeship work and studies, what will you get when you choose the Audi Advanced Apprenticeship? The simple answer is: lots.



High Quality Workwear
Throughout your initial four years with us, we’ll provide you with branded workwear clothing at zero cost to you.

Snap-on Tool Set
A good apprentice is nothing without their tools. That’s why with the successful completion of each Audi training module we award tooling. Upon completion of your apprenticeship you will be fully equipped.

Guaranteed place on the Top Service Trip
The Top Service Trip is one of the most sought after events on the Audi service calendar. Once you complete your Audi Advanced Apprenticeship, we’ll mark the occasion by bringing you and your fellow graduates on the annual trip to Neuburg, the home of the Audi R8.