Where can an Audi Advanced
Apprenticeship take you?


By being accepted for our Audi Advanced Apprenticeship, you’ll be signing up for four years of dedicated Audi training alongside your standard auto apprenticeship work and studies. But those four years are just the beginning.

Because we care about our apprentices, we want to help you obtain careers, not just qualifications. Once your training is complete, you’ll be ready to pursue a number of opportunities within the Audi Ireland network, including:

Diagnostic Technician
A specialist in vehicle diagnosis and key to rectifying complex system faults and advising other technicians of repairs, processes and procedures.

Master Technician
The most senior technical position with expertise in all fields of vehicle systems, repair, maintenance and diagnosis.

Parts Advisor
A key role which will see you interact with every area of your Audi dealer’s business as you develop knowledge of our premium Audi products.

Service Advisor
The first connection point with an Audi dealer’s customers, you’ll use your knowledge of Audi products and services along with your admin skills to deliver a premium customer service.


With jobs like these, plus the capacity for growth, development and promotion, we can give you an innovative, positive and deeply rewarding career for years to come.